Начало English Villains attempted life of a member of “Priziv”

Villains attempted life of a member of “Priziv”

 On January 6, 2010 at around 11:00 pm, in Sofia, Bulgaria on his way home, the student Boris Boev was attacked by an armed four-member gang. The aggressors hit at Boris in the rear. They stroke two blows on his back skull with a stick and kicked him in the face when he fell down. The criminals then dispersed and none of his personal belongings were stolen. Boris was driven to hospital with concussion of the brain and at the peril of his life. Ever since, his health has been recovering.

The person Boris – a student and a friend

 Boris Boev has been a student of the University of Sofia since 2003 and at present he is a master of history at the Faculty of History. The colleague students and his lecturers know him as an excellent student. A set of his written works are of scientific and research value according to his lecturers. He shows interest in the cultural activities of the university as well by participating in and organizing discussions, film shows and exhibitions.

He constantly spends some of his time as a student active member to protect and develop the students’ basic democratic rights stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria. Since the spring of 2007 he has joined the initiative against the increase of the tuition taxes of the state universities and after the 11 May protest in 2007, he backs up the necessity of creating an organized student movement of a new type. Led by his enthusiasm, goodwill and strong belief in the better perspectives for the young people, Boris is among the founders of the student-pupil movement “Priziv za Obrazovanie” (“Appeal for Education”).
Here are some of the movement’s key activities in the last two years:

- publication of a news bulletin by “Priziv” since the spring of 2008;
- participation in the funeral procession in memory of the student Stoyan Baltov and preparation, in this regard, of the student protest on November 19 for better living conditions in the dormitories in Sofia- “Students’ Town”;
- organization of a protest on 8 March, 2009 in solidarity with Kostadina Kuneva – a syndicate active member for labor rights;
- activity to assert the students’ and lecturer’s  social and education interests in the conditions of the financial crisis (since November 2009). 

For all these initiatives, Boris gave ideas and made efforts along with other “Priziv” member students. He wrote various articles uploaded on our website. Besides the above activities, Boris is a real friend and a fine Man.

The attackers – vagabonds and unsocial characters

The attack on January 6, 2009 was perpetrated by youth with extreme right and fascist believes. It was preceded by both e-mail and real threats. The reason is the political activities of Boris as a member of Resistance Movement “23rd September” and his manifest left believes.
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We, the student members of the student-pupil movement “Priziv za Obrazovanie” categorically blame this barbarous act of violence and attempt upon Boris’ life. For us, young people and students, any attempt upon the townsfolk’s life and health in this country and abroad is unacceptable. We, the students, by power of the noble and humane feelings that unite us in schools, universities and in life, think that it is our obligation not to allow such dark forces of violence to manifest in our society and state.
 We are appealing to the relevant state bodies and institutions to act adequately against the perpetrators of this fierce deed.
We are addressing the university and cultural public in the country for collaboration!